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*pay only if you win a medal after results*

TAIWAN AWARDS 2023 by Taiwanese Newspaper

Your products deserve Awards in 2023 !

Session 6

Registration Deadline: November 03, 2023

Sample Shipment Deadline: November 10, 2023

Tasting Date: November 12, 2023

Official Results: November 14, 2023


President of Jury, M. Alexandre PETIT, has been 7-Eleven Group special advisor for wines selection for many years, and many other distribution channels and import groups in Taïwan, Hong Kong and rest of Asia. Other jury members are selected for the same experience and are market oriented specialists. (B2B, Restaurants Industry, Shops, Airlines, Duty Free, etc.)

Some jury team members may also be specialized journalists or experts in wine, spirits, food, health, beauty and all other tasted products.

Their mission is to score each product from 0 to 5, with criteria that favor products adapted to the Taiwanese Market, for Taiwanese Newspaper Awards.

Taïwan Awards by Taiwanese Newspaper is a competition focused on Importers and Distribution: our job is to help professional Buyers to select Awarded Quality products, which will be appreciated by their customers.


The official results will be edited in Taiwanese Newspaper and shared with all possible media and journalists in Taïwan and worldwide.

Majority if not all taiwanese Distributors and Importers will personally receive the official Taïwan Awards by Taiwanese Newspaper results.

Additional targeted communication will be conducted online and in Taïwan to local taiwanese consumers.


Only one sample per product is needed for the Taïwan Awards by Taiwanese Newspaper.

Samples have to be sent to Europe (France), where the tasting is done (to reduce shipping costs and facilitate the administrative and customs issues compared to Taïwan).

After you have registered your products, you will receive by email your unique competitor number and the address for sending samples within the next 24 hours. 


payment after results


Registration is Free.* (no payment required).

Only Gold and Silver Awarded products are charged €219,99 per ‘Beverage’ (or €319,99 per ‘Food or Non-Alcoholic’) after official results for Gold & Silver only.

Bronze and Non-Awarded products are not charged. (No Communication and Marketing)

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