Home Beverage DFJ Vinhos, S.A.: A Leading Winery with a Legacy of Excellence

DFJ Vinhos, S.A.: A Leading Winery with a Legacy of Excellence

DFJ Vinhos, S.A.: A Leading Winery with a Legacy of Excellence

DFJ Vinhos, S.A., a family business founded in 1998, has established itself as a prominent player in the wine industry. Headquartered in Portugal, this renowned winery has gained global recognition for its exceptional wines and commitment to quality. With a wide range of offerings, DFJ Vinhos caters to diverse consumer preferences, ensuring an exceptional experience for wine enthusiasts worldwide.

The winemaker behind DFJ Vinhos is José Neiva Correia, an esteemed professional with a deep passion for winemaking. Born and raised in a land rich in vineyards and wine culture, José Neiva Correia brings his expertise and creativity to every bottle produced by DFJ Vinhos. Under his guidance, the company has flourished, producing an average of ten million bottles per year, comprising 30 brands and over a hundred distinct wines.

One of the distinguishing features of DFJ Vinhos is its unwavering commitment to quality. The winery follows sustainable agricultural practices, with all production conducted under the Integrated Production regime. This ensures a balance between environmental preservation and grape cultivation. The dedication to quality is further evidenced by the numerous accolades DFJ Vinhos has received over the years. In fact, the winery has won more than 4,000 awards since 2010, including over 1,000 gold medals, solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.

DFJ Vinhos’ success extends far beyond Portugal, with the winery exporting 99% of its ten million bottles to more than 50 countries worldwide. The company has built a strong reputation for its exceptional value proposition, offering consumers an unparalleled combination of price, quality, finesse, awards, and pleasure. This commitment to customer satisfaction has contributed to DFJ Vinhos’ global recognition and continuous growth.

Recently, DFJ Vinhos achieved further acclaim by winning 12 Gold Medal Awards and a Silver Award in the prestigious Taiwan Awards 2023. The Gold Medal-winning products include DFJ ALVARINHO & CHARDONNAY white 2021, ESCADA red 2021, ESCADA RESERVA red 2019, PORTADA Reserva white 2021, PORTADA Winemakers Selection rosé 2022, POINT WEST Reserva white 2021, VALE DE ROSAS red 2020, PORTADA Medium Sweet rosé 2022, PAXIS white 2022, PAXIS RED Blend Reserva red 2020, CASA do LAGO rosé 2022. Additionally, the Silver Award was bestowed upon QUE VIDA red 2020. These accolades further demonstrate DFJ Vinhos’ commitment to crafting exceptional wines that are celebrated both locally and internationally.

With a rich heritage spanning over two decades, DFJ Vinhos continues to thrive and innovate in the wine industry. Their dedication to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction sets them apart. To learn more about DFJ Vinhos and explore their extensive collection of wines, visit their website at https://dfjvinhos.com/. Discover the harmony between Portugal’s rich history and the art of winemaking with DFJ Vinhos, S.A.


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