Home Beverage Vignobles A Faure: A Legacy of Excellence in Bordeaux Wines

Vignobles A Faure: A Legacy of Excellence in Bordeaux Wines

Vignobles A Faure: A Legacy of Excellence in Bordeaux Wines

The Taiwanese market is known for its appreciation of fine wines and beverages from around the world. One notable brand that has captured the attention of distributors and importers is Vignobles A Faure. With their recent Gold Medal Award win for their distinguished product, Château Les Ardouins 2022, at the prestigious Taiwan Awards 2023 by Taiwanese-newspaper.com, Vignobles A Faure continues to solidify their reputation as a producer of exceptional wines. Let’s delve into the story of this esteemed winery and discover what makes their offerings truly special.

For six generations, Vignobles A Faure has remained a proud owner-grower in Côtes de Bourg, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to winemaking excellence. The Faure family’s journey began with Alain Faure, who took over the vineyard in the 1970s with 17 hectares of vines. Later, Alain’s daughter, Delphine Faure Maison, joined the family business in the 1980s and continued the legacy of crafting exceptional wines while upholding the core values that bind their family together: discretion, humanism, and a profound love for the vine.

Under the guidance of Alain and Delphine, Vignobles A Faure has grown from strength to strength, expanding their vineyard holdings and portfolio of wines. Today, the estate spans an impressive 100 hectares, encompassing three appellations: Côtes de Bourg, Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux, Bordeaux, and Bordeaux Supérieur. This expansion has enabled Vignobles A Faure to explore diverse terroirs and express the full potential of each vineyard.

The heart and soul of Vignobles A Faure lie in their unwavering passion for winemaking. With every vintage, they employ meticulous cultivation methods, ensuring a reasoned fight against pests and diseases to preserve the sustainability of the terroir. The vineyards, spread across 45 hectares, are characterized by calcareous clay soil, which imparts unique characteristics to the grapes.

Vignobles A Faure’s vineyards predominantly feature two renowned grape varieties: Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The blend of 60% Merlot and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon creates a perfect balance and contributes to the distinct character and personality of their wines. The vineyards benefit from excellent sun exposure, which leaves an indelible local mark on the wines produced. The result is a collection of wines that possess both robust structure and surprising individuality.

Vignobles A Faure has proven itself as a remarkable winery, garnering recognition not only from wine enthusiasts but also from the prestigious Taiwan Awards 2023, where their Château Les Ardouins 2022 secured a coveted Gold Medal Award. With a heritage rooted in family traditions, a passion for the vine, and an unwavering commitment to quality, Vignobles A Faure is a brand that Taiwanese distributors and importers can trust to deliver exceptional wines from the esteemed Bordeaux region. To learn more about Vignobles A Faure and explore their exquisite range of wines, visit their website at https://www.vignoblesfaure.com/.


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