Domaine Fernand Engel : A Winery with Respect for the People and Nature

Domaine Fernand Engel : A Winery with Respect for the People and Nature by Taiwanese Newspaper

This wine estate has grown into one of the most important Alsatian organic farming estates in just a generation.
This isn’t a coincidence. The new generations perpetuate with humility and passion, the spirit of Fernand, the founder. And it is for each of them, the commitment of a lifetime.

The estate’s 62 hectares are under regular scrutiny. Since 2001, the organic vineyard has been managed with the utmost respect for biodiversity.

The establishment of a microfauna rich on the surface and multiple microorganisms in the soils is enabled by organic and biodynamic land cultivation. These are capable of ensuring soil fertility, as well as combating erosion, drought, and degradation. They may restore fertility and stability to any degraded soil by making all of the minerals in the soil available to the plant, which have been blocked by years of conventional farming.

The soil is rich, the vines are sturdy, and the grapes are ripe. This long-term effort assures the natural and cultural heritage’s long-term viability. This dedication enables us to accept our role as peasants toward future generations with humility and dignity.

Every year, the Engel family aims to produce healthy wines in response to high demand. Each activity is carried out with rigor and discipline, down to the smallest details, in both the vineyard and the cellar.

Very recently, Domaine Fernand Engel has been recognized and awarded GOLD Medal Award and Silver Medal Award by Taiwanese Newspaper :

RIESLING Grand Cru Praelatenberg 2018

Awarded Gold by Taiwanese Newspaper

RIESLING Vendanges Tardives Weingarten 2018

Awarded Gold by Taiwanese Newspaper

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