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Famous Liquor brands from Taiwan

Famous Liquor brands from Taiwan
Famous Liquor brands from Taiwan

Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor is one of Taiwan’s most popular kaoliang brands. It is made on the island of Kinmen, as the name suggests. The regular 58 percent and 38 percent alcohol bottlings are the range’s mainstays. Kinmen’s kaoliang production can be traced back to the Chinese Civil War, when Chinese nationalist general Hu Lien urged Kinmenese farmers to cultivate sorghum in order to manufacture hard liquor because importing alcohol from Taiwan was financially burdensome. Kaoliang liquor has become an essential part of Kinmen’s economy and plays an important role in Kinmen society.

Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation manufactures Yusan Kaoliang Chiew (Chinese: ; pinyin: Yùshn Goliáng Ji). It is named after Yushan, Taiwan’s highest peak. One of the most notable brands in the line is a “X.O.” kaoliang that was aged in tanks for five years before bottling.

Matsu Tunnel 88 Kaoliang Liquor (Chinese: ; pinyin: B B Kngdào Goliáng Ji) is manufactured by Matsu Distillery in Nangan Township, Lienchiang County. The name is taken from Tunnel 88, an unfinished military tunnel that the distillery took over as a storage space for their kaoliang and aged rice wine.


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