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Famous Taiwanese Snack Brands That Should Have Space In Your Luggage

Famous Taiwanese Snack Brands That Should Have Space In Your Luggage

Taiwan is very famous in their Bubble Tea, Beef Noodles, Sticky Rice Dumplings, and many more, but what most tourists don’t know yet is that Taiwanese has snacks that you shouldn’t miss bringing back home, snacks that you should make space in your luggage.

Below are just a few famous Taiwanese brand snacks that surely you will enjoy:

Kuai Che Pork Paper

Kuai Che Pork Paper at Taiwanese Newspaper

Kuai Che Pork Paper also known as Bak Kwa, a cripy paper-thin strips of pork jerky mixed with almonds for a nutty and crunchy twist. You will not be able to imagine its taste and texture until you eat it. These snacks have no MSG added.

It is abundantly available in Taiwan and you can find them at some night markets. Kuai Che is most famous for its quality and is the most convenient because of its packaging.

Sugar and Spice Nougat

Sugar and Spice Nougat at Taiwanese Newspaper

These snacks come in a variety of flavours including original French Nougat, Strawberry, and Toffee. It has no preservatives and uses top quality ingredients. Sugar and Spice only uses natural butter from the Normandy region of France and Californian Almonds. Because of it made up of natural ingredients, the milk fragrance from the butter will fade eventually and the firmness will change according to the temperature of its storage location. But whatever the texture, they will still taste wonderful!

Fruit Jellies

Fruit Jellies at Taiwanese Newspaper.

These snacks will remind you of your childhood. They are made of natural flavors of domestic fruits, such as litchi, plums, and mangoes among others. Each bite is a burst of flavour!

You can buy them in night markets and souvenir shops.

Zeng Noodles

Zeng Noodles at Taiwanese Newspaper.

Don’t forget to bring home a taste of Taiwan with their delicious and popular Zeng Noodles. The noodles looks peculiar because of it’s handmade ribbon style ramen and the quality and chewy texture which is different from the regular instant noodles.

Chia Te Pineapple Cake

Chia Te Pineapple Cake at Taiwanese Newspaper

Chia Te Bakery is famous for its pineapple cakes as a souvenir from Taiwan. Pineapple Cakes have a buttery pastry enclosing dollop of pineapple filling with a good balance of sweet and sour. Although there are many famous brands in Taiwan that makes pineapple cakse but Chia Te proves to have achieved the key ratio of pastry and filling that satisfy the taste buds of the consumers.

Sun Biscuits or Sun Cakes

Sun Biscuits / Sun Cakes at Taiwanese Newspaper.

Sun Biscuits or Sun Cakes is the popular pastry from the famous shop Tai Yang Tang which is adored by locals and the tourist. It is a round flaky pastry with maltose usually sold in gift boxes.

Grandma’s Iron Eggs

Grandma's Iron Eggs at Taiwanese Newspaper.

Iron Eggs are eggs which have been repeatedly stewed in a mix of spices and air dried which results to its dark brown color, chewy, and about half its initial size.

Good news is you no longer have to go to Taiwan to buy and taste these snacks, you can now order them via website.


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