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Taiwan’s Alcoholic Beverages Industry During Covid-19

Taiwan’s Alcoholic Beverages Industry During Covid-19

Taiwan is a bit different in handling the global COVID-19 pandemic, as its citizens have not experienced major lockdowns as a result of the disease, unlike other countries, the pandemic has however had a considerable impact on consumer’s ability and desire to socialize in bars, restaurants, and even at home.

RTDs alcohol or Ready-To-Drink alcohols has increased volume sales in 2019, appealing to demand among females and younger drinkers of legal age by offering various sweet flavors and innovative products. RTDs are usually associated with a lower percentage of alcohol which fits perfectly to consumers’ preference to avoid high levels of intoxication, along with the trend towards healthy living evident in the country at the end of the review period.

While companies have changed their product lines to produce medical alcohol to help combat the Covid-19. Low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beers have the potential for growth, driven by the health trend evident in Taiwan. This is likely to be boosted by increased awareness of the relationship between overall health and obesity on the severity of COVID-19.


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