Tseng Noodles: Taiwan’s Most Popular Noodle Brand

Tseng Noodles: Taiwan's Most Popular Noodle Brand

Tseng Noodles or Zheng Noodles is one of the most famous brand noodles in Taiwan. The noodle is very famous and different from other noodles because of its handmade ribbon style ramen. Aside from its peculiar look, the noodle itself is made of quality products and has chewy texture. Tseng Noodles are simply amazing!

Their Tseng Noodles Scallion with Sichuan Pepper Flavor is equally impressive. It has a nice and tasty salty soy and oil with a fiery Sichuan pepper hit which has a nice heat level. The heat works well with the flavor, which makes everything balance.

Tseng Noodles has successfully distributed and exported its products internationally. It has found its way to Costco, Jason’s Market, and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, expanding its market to the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines, and Malaysia.